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The Korvets are the platform of choice for serious offshore boating and ocean crossing.
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A new concept in blue water passage making

Built for strength, performance and distance under varying conditions, the Korvet range of aluminium motor yachts enables new cruising possibilities that until now could only be achieved by boats of a much bigger size. With marine grade Aluminium as our building material of choice, the hull of a Korvet is strong and stiff, fuel efficient and maintenance friendly. Korvets are designed and built with the utmost attention to safety and comfort.

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Timeless Design

Although the classic lines of the Korvet are timeless, the interior presents an abundance of space, light and comfort. Choose for subdued colors matched with soft wood tones, or be bold and select bright colors that emphasize her individuality.

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Safety through redundancy

Redundancy in all systems ensures propulsion, communication and navigation under all conditions. Safety is therefore secured no matter what nature throws at you.

Dutch design and craftmanship

At Deep Water Yachts we work only with the best companies and craftsmen to design and build our aluminium boats. We find it important that you get to know them when your Korvet is being built. Not just to monitor the progress  but to experience the dedication and expertise of our team. From the designers to the welders, the electricians and the engineers; they all come together to create your dream yacht.