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The Korvet 18 Low Rider

Currently under construction with delivery summer of 2019

The Korvet 18 Low Rider is the ultimate platform for exploring inland waterways. At the same time she embodies all the qualities one expects of a CE-A category ocean going vessel. With a folding mast and limited air draught most canals and rivers anywhere on the globe are accessible as she will comfortably travel between continents. The interior of the Low Rider takes into account the ergonomics required for spending long periods at sea in absolute comfort. Fully customizable to meet the specific wishes and needs of our customers. No compromise is made to ensure that safety is always at the forefront. With redundancy in systems and use of the best materials and equipment, the LowRider is the ideal cruising platform from the equator to the poles.

Korvet 18 Low Rider Specs

Length over all 1800 cm
Beam 495 cm
Fuel 4000 L
Fresh Water 1250 L
CE Category A
Displacement 29t
Engines 2
Cruising speed 11-14kts
Top speed >18kts

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Roughly a year is the time it takes to build a new Korvet once all specifications are agreed on.